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Jim Rohn once said, "Your network is your net worth." Those are factual words. The people you surround yourself (online and offline) with can totally change your life one way or the other.

If you are not around The Right People, then you are around The Wrong People. Being around The Right People is the only way to Success. Raj Sukheja

Hi, I’m Raj Sukheja, welcoming you to The BIG NETWORK at Red Mammoth Ventures - Events, and it is great to see you all here. WOW, this is an exciting moment where things will begin to change for you.

You see, The Big NETWORK is not just about meeting people. It is about meeting The Right People in the shortest possible time, introducing yourself to them and making an impact by offering to support them in the best possible manner you can.

Our Team makes sure that there are different businesses in our EVENT that each category doesn’t conflict with another so as to ensure TOTAL Coverage. Add to that a place with ambience, great food, think tank session with experienced and new business in the room, the formula works wonders.

We ensure at The BiG NETWORK that in a span of 3 Hours, you meet at least 25 to 30 Entrepreneurs who may either provide services to you or may require your services or, even better, introduce you to the kind of client you are looking for – specific or otherwise.

We’ve had several events and have seen the numbers grow with respect to business generated via the Connects @ The BiG NETWORK.

Most of us living in Metro Cities can barely accomplish a single meeting in a Day or a Maximum of Two. Here @ The BiG NETWORK – you meet 30 to 50 New Entrepreneurs at Every Event. Our Events are currently being held once in two weeks. Still, the frequency will pick up gradually, and The Big NETWORK will be available in various Strategic Locations in Mumbai, Other States of India every month. It will be launched Internationally within The Year 2023.

Don’t wait anymore. Register and Visit us at The BiG NETWORK and make the magic happen – sooner than later.

This is Raj Sukheja, CXO, Red Mammoth Ventures LLP @ Mumbai. Signing off and looking forward to seeing you in the near future when we can meet and interact.

Feel free to reach out to me at if you require specific information about The Big NETWORK.

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