Business and Projects


Business & Projects (Micro, Small, Mid & Large)

Red Mammoth Ventures LLP offers verified projects to startups and new entrepreneurs.

Each of these businesses has a successful track record and the principal will support the entrepreneur to make it happen.

Investment ranges from INR. 50,000/- upto 100 Crore INR. There are businesses with lower and higher investments as well based on the capability of the entrepreneur to either invest or put the effort in the business to manage it.

Investment From INR. 50,000/- upto INR. 500,000/

Types of Businesses - Micro

Investment From INR. 500,000/- upto Investment INR. 50,00,000/

Types of Businesses - Small

  • ISP - White Label

  • Pharmacy - Distributor

  • Ayurveda - White Label

  • Wooden Pallets

  • Export Projects

Higher Investment

Red Mammoth Ventures LLP as a consulting firm charges a one time fee for assisting you to acquire the project from the principal company and supports you in setting up the legal framework along with documentation to set it up. We also provide ongoing business consulting and project management services for some of the projects.

Red Mammoth Ventures can also assist you in raising capital for your business provided your financial papers are in order.

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